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WAY TO GO GUYS!!!  The obvious thing I couldn’t help but notice was that he had two sets of water and two first aid kits.

Geocachers Save Two Women Stranded in Desert

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Geocachers Roy Joseph (Rojo464) and Paul Fox (Pauleefox) drove through the rugged desert of Eastern Utah searching for five geocaches on Tuesday the 17th of August.  But they never made it past their second find.  What they encountered instead led to grateful tears and news headlines.

Roy and Paul had finished finding their second geocache and were looping around for a third – called “Bugy Softwear” (GCGMJT). The area of the desert that they searched is referred to as the Dolores Triangle.  It’s one of the most barren regions of the United States. The average temperature in August bakes the cracked ground at nearly 100 degrees F (38 C).    Bumping along in Roy’s jeep the two men stopped.  Just head of them, a mini-van sat wedged into the sandy soil.

Desert rescue

Paul says, “We saw the van in the gully from the road above it. Out here a vehicle in that position is either abandoned or there is somebody in need of help. Either way we needed to check it out.”

Roy adds, “When we first saw the car we could tell it was stuck. But it looked odd with the towels over the sun visors.  We were concerned with who might be in the van.  With it being in such a remote area we knew we had to make sure the occupants could get back to town.”

They drove the jeep next to the stranded vehicle.  Two women looked out. Roy says, “When we stopped beside the van the daughter said ‘Thank God’ and then started crying.”  A mother and daughter had been stranded in the van for two days.

Roy says he’s prepared for geocaching in the desert and they were able to offer immediate help: “I have a backpack I carry with water, snacks, SWAG, a first aid kit, a short rope, and batteries.  In the Jeep I carry tools, spare parts, a tow strap, a first aid kit,  a fire extinguisher, extra water and some blankets.”

This wasn’t his first encounter with someone needing help, but never before has the situation been this dire. “We have helped strangers get unstuck, hauled a bicyclist to the hospital, given water to hikers, but this was different – both these two women could have died.” After the rescue, the mother and daughter will be okay.

Paul says the situation is a first for him: “In my 64 years I don’t believe I have ever been in a position to rescue damsels in distress before.”

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I have wanted to do this for a few years now. Along with a few other leaders that are “adrenaline junkies” will be  training three weekends in March, April, and May at CIMA, Strake and Hammond. The training is high adventure training which will benefit the Troop and Crew. We will not be there to be certified in climbing, mountain biking,scuba etc. but will learn where and how to use our resources for a high adventure program, not to mention having some fun as well. We’ll keep you all updated with our course progress and pictures throughout our training. 

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I can’t encourage troops and crews enough to know what your neighboring units have in the way of trained leadership.  If you make contacts outside your own group, you stand to be able to provide a more diverse experience to your scouts.

Troop 747 also believes in this philosophy.  They invited us to come and assist them on a climbing / rappelling trip this weekend.  We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather.  Before I show you any pictures, I want to say just how incredibly impressed we were with the manners of these young men.  It was our privilege to get to help them out.


While Gary and Robin rigged the top of the rock, I organized the adult leaders to be sure that they would be able to carry this experience forward with their troop.  Brian and I picked who would work with each of us so they could learn the different aspects of this trip.

Robin was the first contact the boys had with the rock as she and Mr. Troy worked to get them into their harnesses.  She would review the climbing safety with them one last time before they went up.

100_19001I hung out on top with Mr. Larry.  He eagerly soaked in everything I told him about securing the scouts while they waited their turns, coaching those who had never rappelled how to start their descent, checking their gear one last time, and then coaxing them over the edge.  About half way through, he took over hooking the boys up and sending them down.  He was a natural at it and did an amazing job.  It’s odd how those of us who have a fear of falling are truly the best at talking others into taking the fall.  🙂

100_1996Down at the bottom was Gary who was working with Mr. Brian.  He worked with him on the techniques and even got to show him how to tie the boys off when they would get tired or in a bind.  Brian was a good student and worked the ropes like a  champ.

We all had a great time working with this troop and look forward to getting to spend time with them all again.

Thanks for having us out and our compliments to the chef!

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