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So the boys all got together a few weeks ago in their re-formed patrols and voted on how they wanted to be identified.  We were really excited because a visiting scout, who has now since joined our troop, joined in on the fun.

The patrols are!!!

Snipe   Thundercats   Cyber Zombies

The first patrol competition was to come up with a patrol name and yell and then do their yell for the adults and committee.  Since there was a danger of multiple patrols wanting the same name, then they had to work fast and as a team to get theirs done before the others.

As we get new scouts this fall, we will continue to have the Pioneer patrol for the first year emphasis boys, but then they will merge in with the other patrols and the boys will vote on new patrol names as needed.


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Wow, where to begin.  Let’s start with Eagles.  In the past 6 months (off the top of my head) Cameron, Corey, Tim, Sean, Dillon, Kyle, and Hunter have reached the honorable rank of Eagle Scout.  We’re very proud of each and every one of them and their unique methods of reaching Eagle.  As the older boys fly away into adulthood, they are always followed by new scouts.  We have several young men who are very eager to learn and progress through the ranks.

This year’s campouts have been nothing short of amazing.  The boys have really clicked and work quite well together.  We see more innovative cooking, serious planning, and even goals of international travel on the table.  Times are exciting at Troop 483.  The boys have really gotten into geocaching, a few of them now list it as one of their favorite hobbies.  In fact, they located a coin at Spring Creek park in Tomball that honors a fallen soldier.  Before summer is over, a group of scouts will participate in placing that coin back into another cache.

In June, the troop went to Camp Cherokee in Athens.  There was a collective – BEST CAMPOUT EVER – from the boys and adults alike.  Granted, a few of them are new, but that comment actually came from the older scouts on the trip.  Heck, even the food wasn’t too bad.  Scenically, nothing beats BTSR to this camper, but troop wise, I was very impressed.  As with any summer, attendance slows a bit, allowing for those attending to make great headway on finishing rank advancements.  Just last night quite a few members of the troop gathered at the bowling alley for a fun night of midnight bowling.

The Crew hasn’t let up either.  In late June, the Crew placed the Mt. Fuji geocoin it found in Georgia last December into a new cache that it created.  Fast forward to July, they traveled to Tyler where they sampled the local skateparks and then on to Dallas to go to Six Flags and geocache their way back to Houston.  I’m happy to report that they located another geocoin so the mission continues.

School draws near and with it, a new batch of smiling boy scouts.  We can’t wait to meet them.  We have an exciting year planned.

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As always, when October rolls around, Troop 483 finds itself very busy.  Each year, on one crazy Saturday, the troop splits between volunteering at the Webelos To Scout Expo and the church festival at the Christ United Church of Cypress.  In addition, you’ll find our scouts working on their orientation skills at Bastrop State Park.  Of course, we can’t forget it’s time for the climbing instructors to re-certify at CIMA and Enchanted Rock.  This year, we have yet another leader joining the climbing team; welcome Scott!  Possibly most important of all is all the visiting scouts we will have.  YAY! 

Last but not least, we get to move back home to the church for our meetings.  We’re so very appreciative to the Volunteer Fire Department at Perry Road but as I said before, there’s no place like home.  Our Scoutmaster visited the church and is amazed at how great the renovations look.  We’re really excited about this month.

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Last weekend Cameron H. completed his eagle project after spending two days aboard the Battleship Texas. Cameron along with other scouts painted the walls and deck of the tailor shop on the 95 year old battle ship. The ship which has been docked at the San Jancinto Monument in LaPorte, Texas since the late 40’s, was restored in 1995 and is still in a constant state of restoration. Thanks to volunteers like Cameron and other scouts from 483, help preserve the history of the turn of the century battleship, which is the only one left from that time period. His project was especially close to my heart since my Dad who sailed on her with the 5th Marine Division and climbed down her sides into a landing craft to fight on Iwo Jima, while the Texas gave ship to shore fire support with her big guns.

Congratulations Cameron on compleating great project.

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This should be a lot of fun.  One of our scouts has chosen to not only give back to the community, but to pay his respects to our miliatary.  Cameron has been very active with Naval training every summer for the past several years so it really came as no surprise to any of us when he chose a renovation project at the Battleship Texas.  Several scouts will work diligantly today and tomorrow to re-paint the mailroom.  Hopefully, they’ll be able to take a break or two in order to take in the history of this great ship.  As we are with all our scouts, we’re proud of Cameron and look forward to his completion of his Eagle Rank.

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Troop 483 is off to Winter Camp at Camp Strake today.  Looks like their week is going to start out warm and rainy. We’ll have about 28 scouts and 6-7 adults attending, along with 3 scouts from Troop 658 camping with them. Our scouts will be working on various merit badges while our adults will be teaching them this week. If I get a chance to sneak away I may try to drop in and visit our campers. I look foreword to all the stories and tall tales when they return.

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Tomorrow, December 16th is when our troop will have it’s annual Christmas / Holiday / White Elephant event.  Because our troop  is diverse we have people who call our annual gift exchange a variety of different names.

Whatever the individual family calls it, the boys all have a great time.  The boys use a $5 limit to find the silliest, most odd-ball gift they can to exchange / steal / enjoy.  They use their small budget to do their best (worst) damage and then wrap it up for the exchange.  The troop always has a couple of extra gifts on hand in case there is an unexpected Webelos visiting.  If your Webelos Scout is visiting tomorrow, feel free to have them bring a gift so they can join in on the fun.

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