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Traveling Scouts

Its a big week this week.  We have several scouts heading up to Camp Strake in Conroe, TX for Winter Camp.  Every year, we have a lot of boys head up that way to have some cold weather fun and earn merit badges.  This year we have a few less though.  We have a second group of scouts on their way to NYLT at Camp Bovay.

I can’t help but think that with all the NYLT Attendees that there will be some changes in the dynamic of the troop.  The last of our past attendees Eagled a couple of years ago so its going to be great for the boys to have newly trained leaders.  Good luck guys!  Don’t forget, this won’t just help in scouts, it will help you in life.


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Merry Christmas everyone!  Are you stuck on what to get your favorite scouter to fill his or her stocking?  Here’s a few ideas.  The first one is a very cool item I stumbled upon this morning while picking up spices for pumpkin pie.

#1 – McCormick Recipe Inspirations – This very awesome item is a quick grab of the exact spices (sans salt, oil, etc) that one would need to prepare the recipe on the back of the card.  Talk about a life saver on campouts!  At only .39 ounces, several could be carried in the backpack on the long  hikes at Philmont or the Northern Tier.

#2 – GPS – If you didn’t put one in their stocking last year, you should this year.  That, and a membership to geocaching.com will endless hours of bonding time and family fun.

#3 – Carabiners – You never can have too many.

#4 – Gift card  – Get one for REI, Academy, or wherever your scouter loves to shop.

#5 – Hand warmers – If you haven’t camped in the cold, we don’t expect you to understand.

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